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Funding Projects

Over the years Hamilton District Society has funded many programs in the community, The Society has donated to the Children’s Developmental Rehabilitation Program (CDRP) which entails summer camps, a fitness and Recreation Community Outreach Program, McMaster Children’s Hospital by contributing towards the Adolescent/Young Adult Transition and Life Skills and Care Management Programs. The programs have been a tremendous success with community involvement for both the participants and their parents.

HDSDC also contributed towards the purchase of capital equipment for the Motion Lab at McMaster University. This laboratory analyzes the walking pattern of children and adults who are having orthopaedic surgery, assisting both the surgeon and the therapists in designing a rehabilitation therapy package for the children.

HDSDC continues to be involved in community-based services by contributing funds to The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club Able Sail Program, The Equestrian Association for the Disabled. The above community agencies provide activities that have a therapeutic, social and recreational component that enhance the lives of the participants by contributing to their independence.

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Projects that the Society has been involved with

The Equestrian Association for the Disabled

Since its inception in 1978 T.E.A.D. has provided thousands of individuals young and old with a different approach to their situation. Located in the rolling pastures of Mount Hope, T.E.A.D. is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities through equestrian therapy, a proven method in dealing with the challenges presented to them by their disabilities.

On October 31, 2019 TEAD was pleased to announce it received a $15,000 grant from the Hamilton District Society for Disabled Children (HDSDC). These funds will support the purchase of a trained therapy pony. This represents a critical asset to the organization, making continued development of TEAD’s new unmounted programs possible. HDSDC’s gift of $15,000 is part of The Society’s ongoing partnership with TEAD. Sue Schramayr, Chairperson, TEAD Board of Directors also expressed gratitude for the HDSDC grant. “Thank you to Hamilton District Society for Disabled Children for your valued support.

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CanChild logoProvided funding to sustain the knowledge exchange and translation (KET) activities that have proven to make a significant difference in the lives of children with physical disabilities, and to develop and implement a licensing system for your knowledge products and a measurement and analysis reporting service.

A tool, the Youth KIT, that will help adolescents with disabilities prepare for their transition to the adult health and social services system. The Youth KIT is posted on the CanChild website in accessible formats to promote and facilitate youth independence and will include short videos to introduce it and train mentors in best practices in mentoring youth with disabilities.

A “package” of evidence–based parent information on Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) that consists of a series of short Podcasts, accessible through both visual and auditory media. These materials will increase the availability of these resources to families of children with DCD, including grandparents and siblings, and the general public. Closed captioning and other accessibility features of the CanChild website will increase its usage.

Marydale Park Capital Campaign

Marydale Park logoHDSDC has provided funding for Marydale Parks 50 accessible picnic tables. HDSDC has been a strong supporter of the C.Y.O. and their mission to serve children with disabilities.

Able Sail Program

Royal Hamilton Yacht Club logoHDSDC has provided funding to Royal Hamilton Yacht Club Learn to Sail Program to subsidize instructor salaries for the Able Sail program to allow an affordable participation fee, and to expand the program and provide opportunities for individuals to participate.

Enabling Dreams Campaign

Enabling Dreams logoIn the words of Hamilton District Society for Disabled Children’s President, Mark Matson who presented the gift to the HHS Foundation for the Enabling Dreams Campaign:

“We are humbled by the dedication and strength of the patients and families who are cared for through the programs that will transition to the new McMaster Children’s Health Centre. With this gift, it is a privilege for us to ensure that the dedicated teams have the necessary equipment and comfortable furnishings to provide the appropriate care and support that these families deserve.”